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August 12, 2008



If you read the "Truth In Music" bill as enacted in Nevada and elsewhere, you will see that it focuses on protecting the owner of the trademark in the group name, and not the artists who were part of the group (unless they own the trademark). Under the law as passed, Gladys Horton still can't call herself a Marvelette without the permission of the trademark holder. It should come as no surprise that he isn't going to let her compete with his fake groups that can continue to appear under the new law because he holds the copyright.

The law does some good things, but it isn't the cure-all a lot of people want to think it is.


Someone should do something "NOW" about the DUPREES out there. they are singing everywhere charging alot of money and there are no originals in that group. Why is this allowed. They are fraud. They keep postponing the court case regarding this and are able to perform more and more. why? STOP THEM !!!


Jean Bennett is the legal owner of The Platters name. Edwin Cook is (one of) the legal owners of Cornell Gunter's Coasters. Bennett has been involved in The Platters success since 1953. Cook was part of the group when Cornell was killed. The courts have found repeatedly that both of these parties have the right to the names. There have been approximately 145 singers in The Platters and several hundred more bogus performers including at the Sahara in Las Vegas. (Buck Ram would never have allowed the group at the Sahara to set foot on stage.) The success of The Platters was based on Ram's music. Bennett and Cook can only hope that the Truth in Music laws will stand up and put and end to unauthorized groups. Only time will tell.

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