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March 30, 2008


David R

For an ISP fee based system to work in the long term there will have to be financial incentives built in to reward those who generate great new, highly sought after, content (music)not just those who have the biggest catalogs (major labels).

I'm a big fan of subscription based business models but trying to equitably split up the monthly ISP music fees among all the rights holders seems like a very tall hurdle.


Filesharing,,Good or Bad??
Is filesharing a good thing or bad thing????

In recent articles about file sharing, a few things have become very clear. What is the reason that the government and recording artists don’t want you to share music files? Sure it has something to do with the lack of tax dollars it produces for the government and the loss in income for recording artists, but it also has a lot to do with the time and effort put forth to make these albums.
In a recent article “Music industry worried about CD burning”, it has been made clear that the music industry is worried that it will not be in such high demand as it once was. With the invention of CD burners it has become possible for regular citizens to copy music CD’s and sell them, taking money straight out of the artists pocket.

If this is the reason the government is stepping in and lending their support to the fight against P2P file sharing then I can understand it completely. There is an issue with people abusing these sites for their own personal gain. That is not only a legal issue but a moral one as well.
Why are all of the P2P network users being punished for the same things the abusers are being punished for? If some of these users are like me, they might download a couple songs from one artist and become interested in purchasing the entire album.


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