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September 20, 2007


Steve DeVries

This is incredibly useful for anyone doing development and dealing with contracts. It opened my eyes to a few things I had not considered. Very nice!

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This is very much a case of contract management more than creative design management.

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I miss it and I look forward to a day when I myself no longer have a computer tied to my hind quarters right along with the cell phone. I am not condemning these things, just stating what they are, "convienences". Just like anything else.

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This is a great starting point for development project manager. I would also take under consideration the element of due-dates, whenever a developer or service provider does not deliver on time, the cost per hour should be reduced. all in all a very nice post.

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Intresting article, I would like to ask you for another post about that

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Great article! It's very informative, straight to the point and well-organized. Hope you'll post more articles like this. Thanks for your insights and for posting. Kudos!

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Mythic Tech

thanks for the info, I am a designer not a developer but alot of the info still rings true for me as well

Trevor Seabrook
Mythic Tech - Toronto Web Design

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I wanted to ask others who are in the business of web design and development how they would handle payments. I did two web development jobs for a client that were bundled as one and the agreement was for $1200 for the package. I finished all I could and the site works according to specifications. It is a dynamic site using Joomla, that will give the client the ability to control and update the site.


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Ralph Lauren

Very useful article thanks for sharing.

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