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May 31, 2007



Great article. The internet has definitely become this ages record store and radio

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dont forget what happened to the guy who started napster. They wil get you for downloading movies and music off the internet.

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An interesting article, that raises alot of questions. The legal implications are beyond my expertise, but I do have some opinions about the business model.

While this is just a guess, and I could be completely wrong, I doubt podcasting will become a viable model for musical performers to showcase their work and get recognized by lables. For musicians, I think a better choice is uploding tracks to sites devoted to exposing new talent, as visitors coming to these sites are primed to listen and submit comments. These comments can then be used as a partial basis for label decisions about whether to sign on the musician.

My (limited) knowledge of podcasting indicates that the best content is humor, and sequel based dramatic threads. Some of these types of podcasts have become enormously popular, and could probably easily be monetized with short ads at the beginning (or paid ads on aggregation sites).

The above comments are really just guesses. Only the future will tell for sure.

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